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The Schmalz Process: How Does It Work?

Once you set up an appointment. a professional landscape designer will come to your home to discuss general ideas and take measurements of your house and yard area that you are looking to landscape. To prepare for this meeting you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

• What would I like to be doing in my yard (i.e. relaxing, gardening, entertaining, grilling)
• Do I need to take into consideration my pets and/or children?
• How much maintenance am I willing to do (or have done)?
• What is my budget?
• What is the desired style or look?

You will receive 100% of the design fee back in gift card form to be used@ our Garden Center. Down-payment is required prior to the creation of a design.

Every Landscape has "unique challenges" that need to be addressed. When designing a custom landscape, we consider your objectives, personal preferences, maintenance issues, overall aesthetics, drainage issues, and the use of hardscape. Our priority is to make sure the landscape design fits your family's lifestyle.

Within four weeks. you will meet with your landscape designer at the Schmalz Garden Center to discuss your professionally designed plan. This meeting gives you the opportunity to see the plants, bricks. and structures that are being proposed. We will explain how to read the plan, and talk about the concepts that were considered while designing it.

After reviewing the plan you will be presented with a quote for the professional installation of your landscape. At this time you can either sign a contract to have us do the work. or if you prefer to install it yourself. you will receive a list of plants and materials needed to complete the project. If there is anything about the plan you do not like, we will be happy to make changes until you are pleased with the plan.

If you choose to have Schmalz Custom Landscaping install your landscape, you can sign a contract and put down a 50% deposit. The architect will discuss a timeframe for the project. It is important to remember that weather restraints and the unpredictable nature of landscaping make it difficult to schedule an exact date for completion, but you will be provided with an estimated timeframe. You will receive a phone call from the landscape architect shortly before the work is to begin. The architect will explain the plan to the crew and will stop by periodically to check on progress.

After the project is completed, the architect will schedule a follow-up appointment to walk through the installation and address any concerns that you might have. Our architects will be able to discuss watering, pruning and all aspects of a maintenance plan. You will be billed upon completion of the landscape work.

Most of our trees and shrubs are covered by a 2-year warranty. We stand behind our work by fixing any problems until our customers are satisfied.


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Schmalz Custom Landscaping & Garden Center, Inc.

Schmalz is located just two miles east of Highway 441 on KK in Appleton.

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