Trees Are Cool!!!

The season is truly upon us. The grass is getting green and plants are starting to wake up from the long winter. Statuary, birdbaths, and benches have arrived at the garden center. We also have been busy stocking new, fresh, plant material in the garden center. Stop by the garden center and get inspired to start planting.

In honor of Earth and Arbor Day next week, we are very proud to announce some of the new trees we will be carrying this season. Purple Robe Locust is up first, this tree gets beautiful fragrant purple wisteria like flowers in mid to late spring. Mountain Frost Pear is a new species that is faster growing then other ornamental pears. Tamukeyama Japanese Maple is a variety that has more of a lace like leaf that will add an excellent contrast in any planting. We have also added some columnar trees as well. One that peeks our interest is a Sugar Maple that goes by the name of Apollo. This tree is perfect for those tight areas that you want to add height but don’t have the space for it to spread out. Another tree that has some interest to it is Fox Valley Birch. This is a dwarf variety that only gets about ten feet tall. To encourage all of our customers to plant and preserve our environment, starting April 22nd Schmalz Garden Center will be giving away a free seedling with every purchase while supplies last. We will also be having a 20% off sale on trees also starting the 22nd and ending April 25th. Don’t forget to ask a sales associate about our planting services! So celebrate Earth and Arbor Day with us and stop by the Garden Center!

As we stated earlier, new, fresh plant stock has been arriving and we have many trees and shrubs that are ready to be added into your yard. Perennials have started to arrive and will be filling the benches very shortly. In a couple of weeks, the annuals and tropical will be filling the greenhouse with vibrant color.

If you have that brown thumb and wish to turn into a green thumb or if you want to learn more about certain gardening topics such as container gardening, attracting wildlife, pruning fruit trees and other plant care, we will be hosting our Sunday Plant Talks at 2pm starting May 10th. The first talk will be on getting your yard ready for the year. Visit our Facebook page for a full schedule of plant talk topics.

While You’re visiting the garden center checking out all the new plants and garden accessories schedule a delivery of mulch, topsoil, or decorative stone to start or add the finishing touches to your planting beds.

In our next blog we will be discuss how to care for annuals and how to make a beautiful arrangement to give to Mom for Mother’s Day.