So your Mom called… She says Schmalz has great Mother’s Day gifts.

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  • May 08, 2015
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Let us be the first to say Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers that are Moms! Tropicals and annuals have started to arrive at the garden center. Dare I say they look awesome! It is so nice to see bold, vibrant, colors once again. If you are still looking for that Mother’s day gift, stop by the Garden Center and pick out some of these fresh new plants. Mandevilla and Passion vines along with the hanging baskets all make a great Mother’s Day gift. Maybe you would like to pick out individual plants and make an arrangement for your Mother that she can enjoy all summer? We can help! Even if you are not sure what to get her we have such a wide range of plants and garden décor I’m sure you will find the perfect gift.

Perennials have also been arriving in the garden center. We have a very wide range of perennials to offer and it keeps growing. Some of the new varieties that we discussed in one of our earlier blogs have made their way in and are available. We are still waiting for some varieties to arrive but have no fear they will be in shortly.

We have also been receiving fresh stock of shrubs and trees weekly. The early blossoming ornamental trees have been flowering and the crabapples are about to pop. We can’t wait to see for the vibrant show of color these trees offer. In fact in honor of this spectacular flowering trees starting may 8th we will be offering 25% off crabapples. We have many varieties to choose from.

Don’t forget to stop by the garden center May 10th at 2pm for our first plant talk of the season. The topic is getting your Garden Ready for the Season. We will be discussing several topics such as pruning, mulching and enhancing your yard. Along with proper ways to care for your plants so you can enjoy them all season long. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the talks as well. Also remember you will receive a punch card for attending the plant talks, the more talks you attend the more you can save on a future purchase. The following week May 17th our plant talk topic is Summer container Gardening.

In our next blog we will be discussing vegetable gardening. So make sure to check back if you want to learn more about soil amendments and other growing tips for making a great garden. You will enjoy all season long. Happy planting!