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The Garden Center Team
Our Garden Center team is helpful, knowledgeable and sincere in their desire to help our customers maximize their efforts in their gardens. We are waiting to help you realize your outdoor dreams!

Corey Joy, Garden Center Manager
Corey has been gardening and landscaping since he was a child. He became interested in the industry when he was a Greenhouse Manger at Oconomowoc High School for the local FFA chapter. He also attended FVTC where he studied Horticulture and Landscaping. With the company for eight years, Corey is passionately dedicated to the outdoors and enjoys talking to people about their landscaping needs—especially when it comes to the vast variety of trees and shrubs that are currently offered at the Schmalz Garden Center.

Our entire Garden Center team is at your service all season long:
Nicole Stroobants, Assistant Manager
Kristy Feldkamp, Nursery Sales
Mike Martin, Tree Planting/Delivery Specialist
Tom McGinnis, Native Plants Specialist
Dennis Shea, Horticulturist
Deb Goetz, Customer Service
Molly Bishop, Customer Service
Abby Forcey, Customer Service
Fay Eckstein, Annuals/Perennials
Andy Christenson, Nursery Sales
Paula Smith, Nursery Sales
Aaron Smits, Yard

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