DIY Resources

Dig in! Great do-it-yourself projects start with a trip to Schmalz garden center!


Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can work with Schmalz and dig in to their own project! Just make an appointment with one of our landscape architects to visit your property and assess your situation. We’ll draw up plans and the cost of those plans will be refunded back to you in the form of a gift card. Use this card to purchase plants, trees and accessories at our Garden Center. We’ll deliver your purchases and you do the planting!

For smaller projects, stop by our Garden Center. We’ll help you select the plants you need and—in many cases—offer a quick sketch and advice on how to arrange your plantings to create the effect you desire.


Dig in tips from our blog!

Looking for inspiration, or just need an idea to jumpstart your own outdoor project? Browse our blog for articles that are sure to help you plan your next DIY landscaping project.

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